🤸 Who makes such a circus?

Who makes such a circus?

Wer macht denn hier so einen Zirkus?

The wander circus opens its tent to the full and
invites you to experience the never seen and unheard of, in order
to jointly contribute to a democratization and socio-ecological transformation of education.

A colorful bouquet

The wander circus embraces people in all their diversity and gathers them from their niches of education. The wander circus offers marginalized people from all educational backgrounds a collective space across schools, universities and societies. Here they cross social boundaries, teach their skills to others, and perform their arts for a wide audience. Despite the differences in their disciplines, life’s surroundings, work contexts, participant groups, etc., they have one thing in common: they offer spectacular approaches to teaching/learning so that people may learn to contribute to the democratization and socio-ecological transformation of their societies.

From the niche to the ring

Sustainability has become widespread as a topic in education, and perhaps this is precisely why its monoculture is almost meaningless. However, some niches in the educational landscape have been preserved or established in recent years, in which sustainability and democracy are taught/learned in a completely different way. The wander circus offers them a place for joint exchange, networking and fusion.

Circus School

Every semester the wander circus grows by 20 people who are virtuosos of teaching/learning, so that at first we are 20 circus people, then 40 then 60 tan 80 and finally 100 circus people. Every semester two people from the Global South join, because we still have a lot to learn from our brothers and sisters. For all the circus people we have a well-filled travel chest, so that they can participate free of charge in all stations of our wander route. So come in and join in!

Our circus family grows every semester

The wander circus is not a lawless zone. Rather, it shows how people use their spheres to freely implement the unseen and unheard of in the various fields of education. Now everything is to be taken to the utmost limits: Breathtaking examples from different educational contexts, disciplines, etc. will be gathered to show that critical, constructive and consistent education for sustainable development and democracy is indeed possible. The traveling circus also explores new mono- and inter/transdisciplinary educational formats and develops a common quality framework so that a critical understanding of sustainability and radical concepts of democracy can be permanently anchored in the various educational sectors without further ado.

Without safety net

A wander circus manages to transcend almost all man-made boundaries. And so, every semester, it brings together teachers and learners from schools and universities as well as from the outside who offer quite unusual educational formats in extracurricular and informal contexts. They come from Germany, neighboring countries and all over the world.

Auditioning and joining

What is your skill for teaching and learning sustainability and democracy? Can you juggle one ball? Wonderful. You shoot through the circus ring as a human cannonball? Just as wonderful! You sit in a circle with everyone and see what happens? Also great! No matter what it is, any style is welcome and every semester we accept 20 new people from all educational contexts into our circus family. Details will follow and please get in touch with us now - info@wanderzirkus.org

Clowns +<|:o)

Does the wander circus have them? - Yes, of course there are clowns. What a question. <):O) *

Travel purse

To ensure that all circus people celebrate circus together each semester, travel costs are covered as needed and sustainable travel is a matter of honor for us.